How to Prepare for a Successful Smart Contract Audit


A document management system can make compiling the required documents quick and easy. Since implementing Laserfiche, Kentucky Sanitation District #1 has breezed through its financial audits. SD1 simply provides the auditors with a laptop and access to whichever records they need directly in Laserfiche. You should understand that the experts and specialists you have chosen already have a lot on their plates.

A financial audit provides various internal and external benefits to companies, financial planning professionals, investors, and lenders. A financial audit gives companies an objective read of their financial statements. Identifyan audit contact person who can act as a liaison person to work with us.

What Is a Financial Audit & How to Prepare for One (+Checklist)

Ask questions, provide your perspective, join the conversation, find resources. The webinar focused primarily on the requirements forfinancial statement audits. They may also ask for minutes from relevant meetings with directors and other organizational documents, so it’s important you check what is necessary even if you’ve successfully completed an audit before. Standards often require certain training to be delivered to professionals, so it’s essential that you maintain a good understanding throughout the year to safeguard your company and its internal figures.

  • Why a nonprofit might conduct an audit even when the law doesn’t require it.
  • Proper preparation—providing the auditors what they need to get started—will significantly speed up the entire process.
  • Any references to the ISO standard are for educational purposes only.
  • If the code is under rework, the projects should choose a final version to give the audits since the dev team could potentially be adding vulnerabilities to the code.

Everyone tries their best to be careful, follow, and call out discrepancies, but getting fresh eyes on the data is valuable to ensure the best outcomes. The auditor’s analysis of your operation may require that several of your employees at various levels be asked to explain in detail how they perform their jobs. In addition to examining hard copy records, it may be necessary for the auditor to make photocopies, and/or obtain samples, of key documents for our files.

bookkeeping services yourself well for the audit with the employees involved. Plan a meeting with these employees before the audit to discuss purpose, structure, and expectations. They then discuss the report’s conclusions with the key managers within your organization. If everything’s in order, they’ll issue your organization with its certification.

Clean up your data

Those are the things you want to give to the auditor, to prove that you’ve met that criteria. It’s not because they don’t believe you, or they don’t like you. They just know that testimonial evidence changes as time goes on, or the more people you talk to. A good way to document travel expenses is with an appointment book or log, noting each time you incur a business expense, and the reason. Most people aren’t disciplined enough to write down every expense as it is incurred. It is okay to put together a log or diary after you have received an audit notice.


And realize that the auditor is not going be able to take your word for complying. You can’t just say, “Yes, we, we did it.” They’re not going be able to go with that. To prove business rental expenses, bring in a copy of your lease.

Maximize efficiency and maintain accurate, up-to-date fixed asset records

A healthy dose of planning and preparation can make your small business audit a smooth process that’s free of unnecessary delays or financial harm to your business’ operations and bottom line. The project should run a full test suite before the audit, and the test code should get updated after every edit. Running automated static analysis tools on the contract helps developers inspect the code and search for flaws or other malicious code that could give hackers access to critical data. Finally, ensure that the code compiles and executes without errors on the testnet and performs as intended before the audit. Audit firms in Dubai to ensure that its processes, systems, and documentation are still appropriate and, most importantly, beneficial to the organization. It also helps the auditor to understand how you’re preparing for the audit and introduces them to potential issues that might arise during the audit so they can plan for those as well.

State Comptroller DiNapoli Releases School & Municipal Audits – Office of the State Comptroller

State Comptroller DiNapoli Releases School & Municipal Audits.

Posted: Wed, 12 Apr 2023 14:52:53 GMT [source]

The auditor will request them for both the period under audit and the period subsequent to the balance sheet. A clearly documented system will afford auditors an efficient way to learn about your organization. And updating documentation will help your organization assess how transactions are processed and controlled.

Communicating with Your Auditor

This step includes the testing to be performed as well as interviews with appropriate department personnel. Payments Pay one bill per month across all vendors.Controls & Visibility Customize approvals, budgets, & reporting. Why a nonprofit might conduct an audit even when the law doesn’t require it.


For others, they’re seemingly constant, all-hands-on-deck affairs. A brief statement explaining for how long the auditors have served in that capacity for that specific company. Once an audit’s wrapped up, you’re likely to have findings. The Qualio team took a similar approach, adding an auditor tag to the documents they wanted the auditor to see. “We gave the auditor access to our instance so he could access all the records he needed,” Sinclair explains.

Management Review

The results of this process can have various applications and benefits for the company, including the implementation of managerial changes and reforms to your internal controls thatimprove compliance. Non-financial changes should be considered as well, such as if internal control systems and management accounting standards have been altered. Financial statements are prepared in accordance with relevant accounting standards and are meant to provide information for decision-makers such as investors, creditors, and other stakeholders. If the information cannot be trusted, it will undermine the stakeholders’ willingness to engage with companies.

You will have provided much of the documentation requested by the auditor prior to the actual audit. However, in order to gauge a comprehensive understanding of your company, the auditor will request additional information and details behind the figures. Not being able to answer any queries promptly will inevitably prolong the process. Set aside plenty of time for the audit and ensure that all of your key staff are available when required.


If any of these apply to your business, you may want to reconsider these practices. Nobody wants to get that letter in the mail ― the one marked with those three big letters, “I-R-S,” announcing that your financial history is being reviewed by the federal government. Dealing with the IRS in any extended fashion can be a nerve-racking prospect, especially when you know they’ll be auditing your very livelihood. Performing these tests frees up time for the auditors to focus on bugs and vulnerabilities that might not be as evident.

Discuss with the auditor the need for assistance and establish a high priority for agreed-upon items. Be prepared to explain significant actual-to-budget and prior-year variances, as well as discuss the results of the year based on your expectations going into the year. The best audit efficiency tips are to work hard and bring experience to the table.

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