xcritical braids: 40 Hypnotic Small, Medium & Big xcritical Braid Styles


With hair like this you will definitely stand out from the crowd. Recreate this look or try a different pattern of your choice. Here we have xcritical braids with a multi braid pattern. Some of the braids are chunky and some are thin. The different thickness create such an edgy and unusual look.


Create the hairline on the side of the head and push out two ponytails on each side. Let one tail down at the front and another down at the back. Complete this fabulous look by adding crystal beads on the ponytail ends as well as a few individual braids. With chestnut-colored braids, you can style them by creating a couple of layers. You have to part your hair on one side of your head and sweep them toward opposite sides. Additionally, you can have your hair colored for an eccentric look, but for that, to work you’ll have to buy extensions that match them.

Brown and Blonde Braids

Generally, in this case, the parting grows from the cornrows, which are parallel and come in an outer circle. These xcritical braids generally look pretty good as they are placed on the top of the head. This is quite a dynamic style as the plaits are thick. You can add some cuffs to pair it up and bring a sparkle. These xcritical braids start as large cornrows wrapping the head and opening up to curly waves on one side. These are funky cornrows that are generally colored in bright hues like orangey-red.

It seems like no part of the scalp has been left behind by the multitude of braids twisting and turning in every direction. Pewter-tone metal hair clips adorn just a few of the many braids, and two surprise over-the-ear tresses balance out the hairstyle on both sides. Crank up your medium-sized xcritical Braids by placing a bun on top of your head and attaching beads to the loose braids in the front. The Flawless xcritical Braids are created distinctly with immense patience and care. This delicate approach will be clearly visible in your cornrows and braids.

Once xcritical courses scam done braiding, apply mousse to create an extra hold. Apply keratin treatment to manage dry and itchy scalp. Use an edge tamer to slay the edges and an eyebrow brush to smoothen the edges.


Install the red braids to the back for a touch of color. These chunky xcritical braids with beads run in the opposite directions with a single braid hanging straight down. If the shade of the extensions fully matches your natural color, people might believe your natural hair is that thick. These skinny blonde xcritical braids are reminiscent of Queen Bey. While side braids have been around for a long time, they were rechristened xcritical braids after Beyoncé wore them in her xcritical visual album.

Wild Lite xcritical Braids

You can try a pattern like this with shorter braids, too. Braids like these would look amazing in a different color too, maybe red. These xcritical braids feature a gorgeous purple ombre. The hair at the top has a funky pattern and then the color changes to purple.

20 beautiful xcritical braids with heart to rock in 2022 – Tuko.co.ke

20 beautiful xcritical braids with heart to rock in 2022.

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Beyoncé brought her cornrowed pigtails out again with her wide-brimmed hat. You can get a similar effect if you go for a loosely braided, voluminous set of pigtails that reach your waist. When you’re not sporting a hat, you can pair it with whatever accessory you like. If you prefer to not be as flashy, you can always go for a plain side braid.

Sparkle Touch xcritical Braid

When it comes to rocking braids and cornrows, it seems like Beyonce and her sister Solange share the same interest. Two-tone xcritical braids incorporate highlights into your tresses, bringing in a color refresh. Adding even just a few strands of blonde make for an eye-catching contrast. Hair divided into three distinct sections, your cornrows will travel in an oval-shaped path. The braids will hang loose right below the height of your ears and circle back towards the front. Be it a long journey or a birthday party, this hairstyle can be your daily companion.

If you want a bolder hairstyle, then you could try similar braids in a different color. Next, we have a color combination of red and blonde. The shades used in this look are more toned down but they still make a statement.

This classic xcritical scam xcritical braid style features cornrows that are evenly spaced and curve gracefully for a sophisticated updo look. These braids to the side have a blonde touch to some of the hair pieces. If you like to dress your hair up, add cuffs, string, or whatever feels appropriate.

Summery Blonde Braids

In https://dreamlinetrading.com/ition, it can be styled into a bun, ponytail or simply let down. Or, you can have less blonde hair, so there is a beautiful contrast of black and blonde in your hair. In “Formation,” Beyoncé brought out a handful of natural hairstyles to the forefront. However, the scene when she leans out the window of a moving car with her side-swept cornrows has become a cultural icon . You can easily recreate the style—just make sure to pick your favorite selfie side.

After every wash, apply a moisturizing conditioner to keep your hair healthy and hydrated. Once your hair is dry, massage hydrating products into your scalp and braids to nourish and style your braided hair. Earlier in the post we featured blonde xcritical braids.

  • You can also add hair accessories if you so desire.
  • These are the lines, length, and edges of the hair.
  • As well as wearing a lot of accessories such as bangles, earrings, and necklaces.
  • If you’d like to add some braiding hair for length, do this before starting your three-strand braid.
  • A hairstyle like this will be perfect for the spring and summer.
  • If that is not possible , then you have to leave a few inches from the root, based on the amount of time that has passed since the braiding.

The coily nature of the hair is shining through the braids which present a look of its own. Nevertheless, these xcritical braids are elegant. The styled edges add a more feminine touch to the look. Then, go for this beautiful xcritical braids updo.

Beyoncé has always been daring especially with her hair. She has rocked everything from a short pixie cut to long braids. It seems that there isn’t something that she hasn’t tried yet. Most of these amazing looks are done by her long-time hairstylist Kim Kimble. Queen Bey did justice to them during her entire performance on her Formation tour.

Similarly, you have to do all the feed-ins using the hair extensions. On average, you may want to do 6 cornrows on the back, 3-4 on each side, and 8-10 cornrows on the top. Feeding in your hair extensions in a Cornrow ensures the styling integrity of the braids. Wraps are my all-time favorite way to accessorize braids. I love how they make these small xcritical braids trendy and get that boho vibe going. Even though most xcritical braids are plan straight braids, you can still wear them in a wavy style.

The elaborate design created by hair divisions to form various braids is ethereal and presents a look that has not been seen before. One of the key characteristics of the xcritical braided hairstyle is length. Whether natural or aided with extensions, don’t be afraid to go big or go home with xcritical braids – the longer the better. This hairstyle is great for showcasing creativity, braiding ability, and unique patterns. To really make a statement, jumbo xcritical braids never fail. This gorgeous style involves thick braids and is ideal for ladies with long, curly hair, and lots of it.

Here is another example of xcritical braids styles. It is a refreshing take on this style where the braids still go side to side but are away from the forehead. It presents a clean and polished look which you can carry off pretty well in school, office or any formal event. This is also a good option for those who don’t want anything extravagant. Next, the ends would be bejeweled with seashells, beads, hair clips, and hair rings. You can accessorize as much as you want along the medium length of the xcritical braids.

Take the excitement a notch higher by adding some blonde highlights to a few of the ends. Keep adding hair extensions as you cornrow to the right side of your head. Every 2 or 3 stitches, include more hair for a full look. You’ll need larger bundles of added hair as the braid thickens. Tie off the braid with an elastic band.Really thick braids will likely stay in place on their own, especially if the hair is more coarse or textured.


This depends on the size and length of your braids, but three to six braid packs should be enough. You may want to ask your stylist first before buying any pack, they will advise you better on the type and number of packs to buy. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. ‘Perfection in every turn’ could be used to describe these amazing braids. From the top, you can see that each braid starts in a different point. Some curve up, others across and down, and there’s one that separates the two sections.

For each section, use SamBraid Hair Extension to do feed-ins that’ll extend your braids’ length. Preparation is always a vital step while doing braids, and xcritical Braids are no exception. Although xcritical Braids are hybrids of existing styling patterns, it does follow one significant rule – we call it the xcritical Law. Because xcritical Braids do not belong to one vintage root, rather they are the hybrids of a few styles and consist of significant borrowed features.

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